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Welcome Team Assistant

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Hybrid - Home & Office
£ 16,000 to £18,400
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Full Time Fixed Term - Contract
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the role

As the welcome team assistant, you will provide a support function to the Welcome Team by assisting with the onboarding of new employees and all related administrative tasks.

Your ultimate objective is to provide high level support to all members of the Welcome Team by being the front line of client communication, responding to outstanding queries and completing administrative tasks in a timely manner.

Key responsibilities of the role include but are not limited to;

1. Responsible for responding to new employee telephone, email or internet enquiries

2. Completing all administration in relation to employee onboarding and monthly reports

3. Going the “extra mile” to assist the Welcome Team on sales quotes an facilitate future sales

4. Ownership and enquiry distributions from shared inboxes

5. Obtain and evaluate all relevant information to handle product and service enquiries

6. Understand and adhere to all appropriate legislation, codes of practice and internal control requirements such as the Information and Security and Quality Policies.


Ideally you would have at least 1 years’ experience as a team assistant/administrative role.

You must be comfortable working in a fast paced environment, have great enthusiasm and attitude for the role, a high level of resilience and strong written and verbal communication and emotional intelligence.

• Proficient in Microsoft office is required.

• Understanding and striving to achieve the giant people values is essential.

career path

Your career path at giant will be consistent with how well you are carrying out your current role including reference to whether you have met or exceeded your objectives and importantly how you demonstrate the giant people values. Understanding your aspirations ultimately helps us to guide your individual career path whether it is in your current area of the business or in a different area that your skills and knowledge can be developed.

In this role

your career path is welcome team advisor, senior welcome team advisor, assistant welcome team manager and welcome team manager. Alternatively, a move into sales where you can become a business development executive, senior business development executive, new business consultant, senior new business consultant, key account manager and account director or work in sales exclusively for any of our sister companies in screening, financing or corporate markets.


We provide in-house certified training as well as role relevant accredited training to enable you to do the role efficiently. giant people values

At giant

we have people values that we always aspire to. They are the cornerstone of our culture:

personal growth:

we strive to understand ourselves.

• we are self-aware and in control of our insecurities, moods and emotions and their effect on others, • we control our reactions and think before speaking,

• we empathize and understand other’s emotions and their views and try to treat people according to their emotional reactions

• we are good at building rapport and relationships with others often by finding a common ground • we take ownership of tasks/projects, • whilst freely admitting our mistakes, and

• we stretch ourselves to grow (being nervous shows you are being stretched!),

clear communication

• we listen well, encourage others to speak and

• we communicate internally and externally in a straight-forward honest manner leaving nothing unsaid - we say the good & the bad!

• whilst always being fair, respectful, and emotionally intelligent.

working as a team

• we achieve goals together as a team,

• with humility not ego,

• where everyone is equal and feels safe to challenge others and have their views heard

• always with a sense of humor!

At giant

we believe that working for and with people who have emotional intelligence increases job happiness (satisfaction and motivation) exponentially. By following these values, we can be the best at what we do, provide greater job satisfaction for those around us and we can all grow to be the best version of ourselves!

giant appraise

To help you progress in your career you will be set clear objectives and you will be expected to constantly give and receive feedback. Every three or six months (monthly in your first three months) you will have a straightforward review meeting discussing your achievements, the progress of your objectives, examples of how you have demonstrated the giant people values, together with any other relevant discussion points including of course any feedback (good and not so good!) on your line manager.

giant employee survey

In line with our company values, we regularly ask every member of the giant team to provide feedback on what’s it like to work here. We use the answers to ensure that giant remains a place where we are all proud to work. Here are a few results of our most recent survey.

• 97% of people say they clearly understand their job role and know what’s expected of them day to day

• 93% of people understand their objectives and how they align with giant’s mission and overall company values

• 97% of people know who to go to with any urgent issues, including customer queries

• 97% of people recognised how their teams pull together to achieve company goals and fix any issues that may arise

• 91% of people said they have had the opportunity in the last 6 months, to learn and develop new skills within their current role